Why I Prefer Virtual Doctor Appointments

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Today I came across a YouTube video that confirmed my belief that virtual doctor appointments are much more efficient most of the time. A yearly in-person doctor’s visit will do.

Why would I say this? In my regular life, I am a time-management and life coach. For the last 10 years, I always did virtual appointments.

  • First of all, I am not bound to only local clients.
  • The weather does not affect the appointment.
  • Virtual appointments are so much more time-efficient.

My last doctor’s appointment, for the results of my latest a1c blood test, confirmed my belief even more.

  • I did not waste almost 2 hours, getting there and back plus waiting for the appointment and the duration of the appointment. The time I could have used productively.
  • And especially during this COVID time, I have been extreme with my social distancing and how I handle it.
  • I had all the pertinent information in front of me on my computer screen.
  • I could take notes, which is not as easy in the doctor’s office.
  • The doctor seemed to be more comfortable and efficient.

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Appointment

  • Prepare a document with your blood sugar level records (pdf)
  • If you have a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) use that info (pdf)
  • Prepare a document with your insulin use records (pdf)
  • In Canada, the Dr. will get the lab results directly sent to his office. Request that he sends the info to you.
  • If you have any concerns take a picture and send it to the Dr. along with your documents.

Telehealth is a great new way in health care. Given that I have diabetes and staying in touch with the Dr. is a must, I am going to do this for every single visit for the rest of my life.

At least once a year or biannually I will go in to see my Dr. in person for that physical type visit that can’t really be done virtually.

Send your documents to your Dr. in advance. This way you can establish a connection with your Dr. and future minor problems can be taken care virtually. It saves time for both of you.

This way your doctor will review the information and can let you know if there are any issues. You can also prepare questions you want to ask the Dr. beforehand and then check them off as you go over them and also take notes.

At the next in-person visit the Dr. will then check your blood pressure, your feet and your injection sites personally.

doctor visit

You should try to replicate this virtual visit as much like an in-person visit as possible.

When you have an in-person appointment you usually don’t bring a notebook with you and if you have your questions prepared on your phone, the Dr. will not be too keen when you take your phone out during the appointment.

  • If your Dr. also has you monitor your blood pressure, send him a document with that info also (pdf)

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or do you want to talk to someone?

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I’d love to know your feedback on this. Do you agree with me or
do you disagree with me? I always love to hear what other people’s
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