Frustrated With The Diabetes T1 Rollercoaster

diabetes type1 is a roller coaster

I am so frustrated with having diabetes type1. There is no way to kill diabetes. Killing diabetes would mean killing myself. I don’t want that!

My body does whatever it wants. It is like being on a constant rollercoaster and I don’t like rollercoasters.

There seems to be no continuity from day-to-day. I am on a low-carb diet and can eat the same food every day, but the blood sugar results are different each time. My world is turning upside down and leaves me frustrated and depressed.

The blood sugar swings might not be that big, but for me they are. I just don’t understand my body anymore. Is this normal, I am asking myself. I just don’t know.

What can I do? Do you have any ideas? Please leave a comment.

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View video in Youtube. I am having trouble showing it here.

View video on Youtube. I am having trouble showing it here.

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