Amazing, My Time In Range For 14 Days Reached 100%

It is now almost 7 months since my DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) put me in the hospital at the end of October 2020. I have adjusted to taking insulin shots and figured out which foods I can eat that don’t spike my blood sugar too much.

Before I was put on insulin, I ate a low carb diet and it kept my blood sugar under control. Now that I have insulin to help me with high blood sugars, I find it easier.

cgm sensor
cgm sensor

After the first couple of months, I decided to get a continuous glucose meter (CGM) to see what was actually happening with my blood sugars during the day. It definitely helped me understand better what the food I ate did to my blood sugars.

It is now May 2021 and to my surprise, my FreeStyle Libre reader informed me that my time in target (3.9- 10.0 mmol/L) for the last 7 days was 100%. I have been told that I have achieved amazing results.

Since almost dying from complications from diabetes in early November last year I have been working on my blood sugar levels. Now I have been told that I have achieved amazing results.

These are the Time In Range/Target reports from my CGM (continuous glucose monitor)

  • 7 days 100%
  • 14 days 100%
  • 30 days 97%
  • 90 days 96%
  • December 2020 82%
  • November 2020 30%

To understand Time In Range better check out this post.

time in range

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