Diabetes Through History

Just a century ago, diabetes type 1 was a death sentence. Insulin was not invented yet and when you’re dependent on it there was no way to keep you alive.

type1 diabetes no longer a death sentence

Since my hospital stay with DKA, I am using insulin and have done a good deal of research about the history of diabetes and am happy to share it.

Advancements are happening on a daily in diabetes care. The feared out-comes and anticipated complications of yesteryears no longer need to occur. There has never been a better or easier time to take control of this disease. Learn what diabetes medications and tools are available to us in 2020. Learn about the latest in CGMs, hybrid closed loop pump systems, new insulins, and additional medications beyond insulin. It’s a new day for us type 1s!

There Has Never Been A Better Time to Have Type 1 Diabetes
~Jeremy Pettus, MD

This video is from Jeremy Pettus, MD from “Take care of your diabetes”

The History of Diabetes

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