What Is The Best Diet for Humans?

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what is the best human diet

Is there a best diet for humans? What if we are asking the wrong question?

Why would it be the wrong question? The focus is too narrow in that it only focuses on the food you eat and not the person eating it.

What if you could you figure out your diet by how your blood sugar levels respond to the food you eat?

Do You Know

That high glucose levels after a meal promote both hunger and weight gain?
That insulin signals your body to convert excess sugar into fat and store it and that’s a primary way by which you gain weight.
It isn’t just about the food, it is also about the person eating it.

Responses to food are personal and diets have to be tailored to the individual. In today’s world scientists have come up with an algorithm that can tell you what the best food items are for you personally.

What is good for you and keeps your blood sugar level, can be absolutely horrible for another person and spike their blood sugars. What is good for one person, might be bad for another.

Conclusion: There is no single best diet for humans
because we are all too different

It also means that if a certain diet hasn’t worked for you, then maybe it was the wrong diet for you. Your dietary failures may not be your fault. Your diet may have failed simply because it did not take information about you as an individual into account.

So what can you do with this information? Right now, you can actually measure your personal glucose responses to your favorite meals using simple glucose devices (CGM = continuous glucose monitor) that you can buy at your local drug store.

You’ll be surprised at which foods personally spike your glucose levels and which do not.

We are entering a new era in the study of nutrition, one in which we will move away from asking what is the best diet for humans, and instead, focus on the more appropriate question of what is the best diet for me. ~Eran Segal

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