lada - type 1.5 diabetes
lada – type 1.5 diabetes


to my journey from a diabetes type 2
diagnosis to a LADA – type 1.5 diagnosis

LADA → Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults

Diabetes, regardless of which type, is a group of metabolic disorders
characterized by high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time.
The symptoms often include frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger.



LADA is Type 1 diabetes. Both Type 1 & LADA are autoimmune. Type 1 is usually sudden and early in life. LADA is usually later (latent) in life.



Reducing carbs can help you largely eliminate blood sugar spikes and crashes that are common on higher carb diets



Regular physical activity is important for your overall health and wellness and helps put you back in control of your life

Even if you can’t physically see the result in front of you,
every single effort is changing your body from the inside.
Never get discouraged!

Not every day with diabetes is the same,
just as not all types of diabetes are the same.

your thoughts run your life

B L O G – P O S T S

type1 diabetes no longer a death sentence

Diabetes Through History

Just a century ago, diabetes type 1 was a death sentence. Insulin was not invented yet and when you’re dependent on it there was no way to keep you alive.
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diabetes is a journey not a destination
diabetes is a journey not a destination

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